3 Unmistakable Signs She Is a Cheating Little Tramp

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How to tell if she’s a ho

How to know if she is cheating?

Unmistakable signs of cheater

You’ve found the perfect girl: sweet, smart, beautiful, sexy, and talented in bed! She even knows how to surf. But sometimes you find yourself thinking, “Yeah, she is kinda perfect. There must be something wrong with her other than the fact that she talks a little too much and she, despite being half my size, takes up ¾ of the bed.” Then it hits you; if she seems so perfect to you, she certainly isn’t escaping the attention of the dozens, even hundreds of guys who see her, talk to her, or otherwise come into contact with here on a daily basis. How do you know she isn’t cheating?

Now your mind starts to mess with you. Is she too good for you? Is she actively considering other options? Is she just using you because you’re stable, financially secure, offer a nice comfortable living environment, or you’re a little older and wiser? Is she just hanging on with you until the next better opportunity comes along?

The Where, When, and How of the Cheating Chick in Dubbo, Australia

How will she cheat? She has a go to escape statement every time you have a disagreement or argument. It goes something like this: “We’re just not clicking right now. I think we should see other people”. Heard this one before? I have. You know what happened: she said it, came out of the bedroom for a minute to get in my face about it, returned to the bedroom and slammed the door. You know what happened? Nothing. She didn’t talk about moving out of my townhouse, but she also didn’t appear to be going on any dates. She soon seemed back to normal in most regards, but just a little more distant. Translation: she had likely already been screwing around and hiding it, but occasionally just felt the need to burst out like that to put you in your place and remind you she could go out and get another guy in a heartbeat, and in all likelihood, she probably already has.

When? Anytime she can get out of your sight for a few hours. So, basically anytime. She’s a woman, and a pretty one, so if she is looking for sex she won’t have to look very far. Even right under your nose while you are together, through texting, chatting, posting, or otherwise electronically communicating while she is supposed to be spending time with you. She may even be bold enough to be meeting with her other man at your shared home on lunch breaks from work, so a random lunch stop at home once in awhile might either ease your mind or prove your worst suspicions.

Where? This depends on the girl. Is she a little more conservative at first glance? Does she have a slutty streak? Or a wild side? Regardless, the places are almost endless, but favorites include motels near home or office, bathroom stalls or parked cars while she is out with her girlfriends, random guys’ houses or apartments during the day if she’s not working. So if she’s spending more time at work, is less interested in sex at home, is unavailable when you call or text her during the day, can’t go 5 minutes without being on her phone—even when she’s supposed to be spending quality time with you, you’ve probably got something to be concerned about. Regardless, if your intention is to catch her, you must always look out for the signs that she is cheating.