5 Telltale Signs of Cheating You Simply Can’t Ignore

Tell cheating
How to tell if they’re cheating

Telltale signs of cheating you simply can’t ignore

How to tell if they are cheating

Have you ever wondered if there is a foolproof way to tell if your significant other is cheating on you? There are, of course, many signs of cheating with some being more obvious than others. But what are the ones that really peg the cheater? In the following paragraphs, I’ll share with you some that, in my experience, are surefire cheating signs that any self-respecting human being cannot ignore.

A lot of people resort to ignoring cheating. So many people are so afraid of confrontation or so desperate to remain in a relationship that they will ignore glaringly obvious cheating signs. Women in particular put up with a lot because, for whatever psychological dysfunction or damage, they believe they don’t deserve any better. Sound familiar? If it does, you need some help to break that psychological spell and come to value yourself and your own life as special, unique, and worthwhile without needing the validation of a bad relationship. But that is a topic for another article. On to the subject at hand; how can you tell if they are cheating on you?

Will Cheating Signs Never Cease?

Emotional distance is a sign of many dysfunctional things in a relationship. However, if it seems to have a sudden and definable onset, you need to go back and review the possible reasons. If you have not had a major falling out with your significant other but have noticed that things have gotten progressively more stale in the bedroom and everywhere else, and now you feel your partner disengaging, it is more than likely that they are now getting their needs fulfilled in some other way.

Maybe you two were never sexual dynamos, but you could always at least count on once or twice a week. Now you suddenly notice a rapid change in the routine to once or twice a month or hardly ever at all. This type of drastic change is usually a telltale sign of cheating.

Is your partner showing signs of over-attentiveness? Your partner may suddenly, without warning or apparent reason, become twice as attentive as she ever was. She’s now always going out of her way to make you feel loved, validated, and cared for. This sounds like a great thing, but if it seems unnatural or out of place, it is probably a sign she is covering something up with her sudden sweetness.

Or, consider the following situation: instead of a nose dive in sexual frequency, your partner is showing up in the bedroom every night with new requests and things he wants to try. As far as you know, he is not reading any book about how to improve life in the bedroom, and you two are not currently doing any kind of relationship improvement course. One of two things (or both) is happening: he is learning his “new moves” from someone else and can’t resist bringing them home, or he is watching a lot of porn. Neither is a good scenario for long-term relationship health.

A constantly hidden phone is worrisome. If your mate’s phone used to lay around the house openly all the time, and it had its regular charging spot at night but now you rarely see it, something may be amiss. His or her phone is an electronic portal to all kinds of cheating, from the emotional to the physical, and they suddenly don’t want you to see it you can bet they have something to hide. All too often, that something is cheating.

I hope you find these 5 ways to tell they’re cheating helpful, but I caution you: even in cases where it seems obvious what’s going on, try not to jump to immediate emotional conclusions. Try to verify things before coming out with an accusation or ruining something that was not in trouble, just appeared to be.