How To Detect Dating Scams

I want to touch on a pretty serious problem in the online dating community – the problem of dating scam websites. These sites are everywhere, and can suck you in before you know it. I’ve put together a list of things to look out for to help you assess whether or not you are dealing with a spam hookup site.

Subscription Dating Sites

There are literally hundreds of subscription dating sites out there that claim to be able to get you a date, find the love of your life, or just get laid, and all you have to do is pay them to help them accomplish that. Not true. Money has nothing to do with it. You are not more likely to find suitable sexual partners on a paid site. In fact, it’s probably the opposite. Because of the pressure to meet someone after paying a monthly fee, you overstretch yourself, lie about something just to make a connection, and then get stuck in relations that are not suitable for you. Paying brings added pressure to find love, and makes you at risk of internet fraud, so ignore subscription dating sites because they are dating scam websites.

Scam dating sites
I How To Avoid Scam Sites

These hookup site owners are just making straight profit from monthly subscriptions. I’ve seen some that ask for over $100/month, with the bogus justification that they will match you with a suitable partner, therefore saving you time and effort. These site owners capitalize on your desire to match up instantly and not do any work. Then they take your credit card info and steal your money.

The first thing is: don’t be tricked by their promises to find you a partner. It’s always going to be luck and hard work that lead you to a partner, not some search engine algorithm that matches personality times. Besides, all the free online dating sites have similar matching algorithms, so you’re not missing out on anything. So the second thing is: don’t pay any site to help you find a partner. Sign up with a free one and do the work yourself. It is most likely not a spam site.

Of course it’s not just money they can take – it’s your whole identity. There are also a lot of online dating review sites to help you out.

Catfishing In Online Dating

Take Catfish in online dating for example, which is a real thing. It’s when someone online steals the identity of another, more attractive person, and pretends to be them online. These people will come across as seemingly perfect, so alluring you just want to meet up in person as soon as possible. The catch is that they will never want to meet up with you (because they are not who they say they are). Excuse will follow excuse, and you will be dragged into an emotional hole by this liar. That is catfishing, and it happens in online dating a lot. Make sure to check out their profile thoroughly, and especially monitor the images they post.

How often do they change? Do they look like up to date photos? Try doing webcam with them as soon as you can if you have any suspicions. In all likelihood, after a little bit of questioning you will realize they are scam artists. This is becoming more of a problem as people get duped to the point where they reveal enough of themselves for the scam artists to take some of their identity. As you’ll read about if you do some research, catfishing will ask you to buy them things with their visa card. Beware!

I had that happen to me once. I was chatting with a super hot lady who just ticked all my boxes, but it turned out it was actually a scam artist who was able to hack my identity and make another profile so similar to mine that I thought it was me! I was searching in the database one day and found a total look-a-like. At first I thought nothing of it, but then she stopped responding to my messages, and I realized that a lot of the things on her profile were not the same as the things she was saying. Also, her English spelling was really not good, even though her profile was really well written. Now I know the signs …. And so do you! So make sure to work with a site that has strong security infrastructure and works only with PayPal, if you need to transfer any money at all.

Scam Dating Site

Do you know what a scam dating site looks like? Lot’s of sites are popping up from across the developing world, with exciting titles and an image that screams “we can help you hook-up all the time!”. Take notice of the language used, because if it’s not based in your home country then it’s probably not worth signing up for. Furthermore, some of these smaller sites will automatically link you up to an email correspondence and you will so much spam about donating to help the site succeed. Take yourself off the email list, and sign up for a local site instead.