A Quick Quiz to Clue You In On Whether He’s Cheating Or Not

Cheating quiz questions
Cheating quiz

Questions to ask yourself if you suspect them of cheating

Six questions to ask yourself if you think they might be cheating

Do you ever find yourself sitting around asking yourself cheating questions? Wondering if you’ve got the solid faithful man you thought you did? Or is he cheating on you? Many of us have had doubt creep into our minds on this topic. Cheating seems to be rampant and there are so many ways to do it now. You want to believe in your partner, but you think you’ve started to notice some changes in your relationship and you are curious as to why things may be changing. There are many reasons that a relationship evolves and changes over time, but what you’re interested in is nailing down behavior that demonstrates signs of an affair. But what questions do you ask yourself to begin digging deeper into your misgivings about the fidelity of your man?

In the following paragraphs I will go through some questions with you that you can use as a sort of “cheating quiz” to see if your partner is exhibiting signs of an affair or casual cheating.

Affair quiz: Separated the suspicions from the facts

Does he spend every waking moment at home on his phone? Even during the times it is supposed to be you and him? If so you’ve either got the king of inconsiderate jerks on your hands or you’ve got someone dedicating more time to communicating with others rather than communicating with you, and all too often these “others” are other women that he is getting one need or another met by. Hopefully it is just the need of simple friendship because I firmly believe it is fine, even beneficial, for men and women to have friends of the opposite sex. So long as it stops at friendship. But even the best of friends are not constantly interrupting the rest of each other’s lives, so if he can’t keep his eyes or his hands off his phone, he may be talking to more than a friend.

Does he have a disproportionate frequency of “business” to conduct with female colleagues? You know he works with roughly equal numbers of men and women, so why all the meetings, calls, texts, lunch dates, and trips with the women from his office? It could simply be coincidence or that the women occupy all the positions that collaborate, support, or augment his. Hopefully this is it, but it does seem like an awful lot of coincidence.

Has he suddenly started doing his own laundry? This may seem like an odd question, but think about it. If he’s been places, with people, and done things he shouldn’t have, he is likely to pick up unfamiliar things on or in his clothing. Things like scents (perfumes, lotions, etc. you do not use), marks such as lipstick, wine stains or other telltale signs, or even things in his pockets. He wants to cut off these clues at the earliest possible moment so he begins doing his own laundry and drycleaning in order to hide the evidence of his cheating from you. Or maybe he’s just trying to be helpful…

Finally, is he suddenly the master of multiple new moves in bed or hitting you with new requests all the time out of the blue? If so, he’s either reading a book on how to spice things up and is doing field research, is watching a lot of porn, or he’s got someone on the side who is teaching him new things and he can’t resist bringing them home.